My Story

I waited around for permission to be myself for a long time. It never came. As a teen, it caused me to feel isolated where the best days were the ones I effectively pretended to be someone I’m not, enough to convince even myself. I struggled to own my sensitivity and ability to read people as an intuitive gift. Having this as my foundation, I naturally grew a deep sense of the need for connection and fierce love beyond any obstacles.

Later on, I took it upon myself to forge my own path. I became a social worker on a touristy island and “lived my best life” in the way the phrase is so overused- I made enough money to have happy hour drinks to relax with friends after a long work week, hours upon hours that drained me but made me feel like I was making a difference. I still wasn’t leaning on my intuition even then. I thought the best it got was to sacrifice my time, the possibility of making more money, and the experience of being fulfilled to feel like I made a dent in the problems around me and the ability to watch the sunset over the water whenever I wanted. I was happier than I’d ever been, so I thought that was it.

Turns out, it gets better than that. In my first attempt, I went with rebellion. I chose a life so different from anything I’d seen. I moved to China which subsequently led me on a journey of full-time backpacking with my backpack, Big Red. I trusted my intuition a bit here, to believe that I could have a life that looked different from what people wanted for me, to know where to travel, who to trust, and what to do next while I was on the road. I did create a certain level of joy and freedom with that, but I was still missing some key factors to my true best life.

Intimacy. Income. Impact.

I was still making excuses for how I couldn’t have it all. I still questioned myself when it came to deeper relationships, making money for things that were sustainable and brought me joy, and making a lasting difference for people from being established within myself. When I trained to become a coach with Accomplishment Coaching, I was going mostly on a deep passionate pull that told me it was time to become a coach. I was trusting that pull on a new level. It brought me, in a tiny car, across the country to start my business. I was opening up to the idea that my intuition, my sensitivity, my ability to hear people on another level, may very well be my gift. I didn’t know that I would experience my own transformation to this extent. My intuition is my compass now, and I couple it with action and accountability that sets me apart from many intuitives who wait for signs to show up. I ask for them, and I act on them. I co-create them when needed. I am clear on my power, and I’ve designed my life with it and will continue for as long as I am supporting others to do the same. The support system I’ve created for myself allows me to dive even deeper into compassion for myself while reaching even higher to things I previously deemed impossible.

As a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, I have coached for over 1,000 hours with clients who are unwilling to settle, not because things are wrong, but that they have a yearning in their spirits that there is more to enjoy, to achieve, to create, or to express. We partner in moving the old stories of what’s possible and impossible out of the way to get them into action that results in living an authentic life.

If you’re ready to stop settling for this “Live Your Best Life” culture to start LIVING the life that’s most true to you, let’s talk. I’m called Chief Executive Angel, because I apply my connected and dynamic intuition in my coaching while also requiring a new level of action from my clients. People don’t walk away from this experience having checked the box they thought they needed to check to be happy; they cultivate joy in their moments through the process of achieving the goals they most yearn to achieve. I value reminding people of the creative genius that comes from self-trust as access to having a new and more authentic experience of life.