What Is Coaching, Really?

Coaching can be the difference between spending another month, or year, or ten years wondering what it’s like to be on the other side of worry and fear. 

Wishing you’d just go for what you truly wanted.

Coaching is the chance to look back on the life you created and to be truly grateful to yourself for making a big leap or scary first move. You’ll know that move was getting you closer to what you’ve always imagined your ideal life to be. 

And you’ll literally thank yourself for it, which is pretty remarkable.

Coaching Is A Partnership

The best word I’ve found to describe working with a coach is a partnership.

Working with a coach means finally feeling uncomfortable enough.

We’re going to untangle and sort out what you need and then we’ll collaborate as you put all the best threads back together. 

To be clear, I’m not partnering with you because I have all the answers and know every next move you should make.

I’m partnering with you as your coach because I’m trained in listening on a level that helps you uncover the answers within yourself.

In other words: You’ll have someone in your corner as you untangle the threads of your life and weave a life you love, a life you’ve created on purpose.

The Coaching Experience

Coaching involves exploring your greatest yearnings, what you’re craving deep within yourself. It also involves identifying obstacles and challenges (in your mind and your life) that you see as a barrier to what you truly want.

Finally, it involves partnering to create a plan and take action.

We’re not just looking at your mindset, we’re collaborating on helping you get where you want to go and supporting you to develop the mindset that gets you there.

Coaching Is Personal

You may want to work with someone who can keep you accountable or someone you can talk through big decisions with. You might need a session to vent or another to strategize.

As we collaborate I’ll get to know the style of coaching that really works for you and I’ll help you look at all the ways you can make your goals a reality.

The only thing needed to get started? You just need to know that enough is enough when it comes to living small, that you’ve got what it takes to finally go for it.

You might not know the exact “how” at this moment, but you know you can. Don’t keep doing it alone.

How about now? Sound about right?

How Long We’ll Work Together

While the minimum commitment is 6 months, I find that once my clients and I generate our collaborative partnership, they want to keep growing, creating, and taking action. In a partnership, we don’t have a contract telling us when we’re done. We design it together based on our work together and your goals.

Let’s Get Started

So, whether it’s one discovery call to set you off on a different path, or beginning our journey together, I’m here as your first step toward the life you’ve been craving.

If this sounds good to you, let’s connect!