Coaching with Melanie was a compassionate, curious, and challenging journey that addressed my life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I felt held and seen as a whole being, beyond roles, titles, and social prescriptions. Outside of “right” or “wrong”, Melanie allowed for space where both of us could intuitively play and explore. She stood for my brightest and boldest even when my survival mechanisms fought against that. Coaching with Melanie wasn’t just about personal development. For me, it quickly became an integral part of my spiritual practice. My work with Melanie created perceptual shifts in the way I experience myself, my relationships, and the world. Week after week, she showed up as a conscientious pot-stirrer, a respectful rudder, and an excavator of diamonds from the rough.

– Hillary Metz, Shamanic Practitioner

I started coaching with the goal of improving my relationships with myself, my husband, my kiddos and life in general. Although it is always very vulnerable to be honest with yourself and really put in the effort to improve, Melanie’s coaching approach makes you feel safe and supported during the process. As a coach, she has an amazing blend of techniques, humor, open listening and the ability to ask the direct “tough love” questions when needed. After working with Melanie, I developed my ultimate goal of spending more of my time living in my “essence” including joy, warmth, and positive energy. I am able to bring any problem that is plaguing me into the coaching space and always leave a session with a sense of purpose and hope. My favorite thing about sessions with Melanie is the fact that we end with acknowledgements. She encourages you to recognize yourself, your partner and also gives the most honest, creative, personal acknowledgements that leave you feeling both emotional and fulfilled. Thank you Melanie.

– Rachel S., Super Cali Mamma

Working with Melanie has been a complete life changer! When we first began working together I felt lost in life and really unsure of myself, even though I had just gotten my dream job. From the moment we first started working together Melanie listened with care, brought energetic support, and genuine kindness. Since working together I have; gotten back in shape, build strong relationships, improved at my work, and started doing thing in life that I actually enjoy. But the biggest change has been my relationship to myself, I have a much deeper understanding self and who I am and what I am doing with my life. Melanie has support life long change for the good in my life.

– Grant Neemann, Life Coach

When I first came to coaching I had some of the typical goals… get fit, professional success and to find love but what I really NEEDED was to be seen and heard and learn to love myself unconditionally. I didn’t know it back then but self love is the foundation to success in basically everything including my original goals. Melanie was the vital catalyst to this process supporting and coaching me through the journey to deep self love.  While working with her I explored my dreams on a new level – moving to Thailand for 4 months, getting jobs and experiences I’d wanted and began fostering deeper, authentic, more meaningful relationships something I’d been yearning for… forever. I was able to be vulnerable, own my power and learn to connect with and listen to my intuition. I found my purpose and my essence (joy, curiosity, power, authenticity and sanctuary). I live a happier, more fulfilling beautiful life as a direct result of being coached by Melanie. Melanie creates a safe space for you to be who you truly are and celebrate it. She’s also a fierce warrior for your truest goals and greatness even when all you want to do is run, hide and give up. Her heart is beyond measure, you feel her love and warmth and judgment free energy in every session which helped me allow that level of intimacy in other relationships, finding out that I could be fully seen and loved which is beyond priceless. With Melanie you won’t just learn how to breakdown a goal and accomplish it you’ll transform your life for the better.

– Samantha Dahlgren